Animal life

Many of the animal species we find in the area around Ceavccageađge/Mortensnes today was already here in the Stone Age. This includes the reindeer and many of the sea birds in Varanger, such as the seagull, the tern and the white breasted guillemot.

Some of the animals that lived in the area earlier are now few in numbers or completely gone. Beaver and walrus disappeared in the 1700s, while the non-flying garefowl became completely extinct in the 1800s. The moose disappeared from the Varanger peninsula in the 1600s and was not observed again until the beginning of the 1900s. Today moose is common in all forest areas in Varanger.

Today´s animal life in Varanger consist of both eastern and arctic species, such as reindeer, arctic fox, lemming, hare, grouse, snow bunting, stellers eider and lesser white-fronted goose.

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