As the only fjord in Norway the Varangerfjord opens up eastwards.

The glaciers have been decisive in the shaping of the Norwegian landscape, but contrary to the other fjords in Norway the Varangerfjord was not created from glacier movements during the last ice age. Instead the fjord has been made by faultsa fault is a fracture in mountains that forms the boundaries between two species of rock or mountains that have moved in relation to each other.

Geologically there is a border in the middle of the Varangerfjord. While the south side of the fjord is dominated by bedrock consisting of gneiss and granite, the north side is dominated by sedimentary rock types such as sandstone and slate. At Ceavccageađge/Mortensnes there is also a petrified moraine (tillite) that was created during an ice age about 650 million years ago.

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