Stallo’s door

In the mountain Murget/Klubbfjellet, which was called The holy mountain of the god of berries by the Sami, you can see Stallo´s door. Here lived Stallo, a fearsome creature which there exist little information about today. Stallo could be a man eating monster and people could be turned into stallos. You could also send Stallo to someone you were angry with as a revenge. Stallo could travel unseen and invisible among people and he collected silver. To get a hold of the silver one had to kill Stallo and his dog. Stallo was often seen with his dog, and if you hear whistling in the forest it may be Stallo blowing his whistle.

In Varanger there are physical imprints from the time Stallo came across the mountain on the south side of the Varangerfjord. He was in a hurry running as he came skiing down the mountain. On the way down, he had to brake because it was so steep. That is why you may still today see three stripes in the mountain across the fjord from where Stallo´s door is. Maybe someone was chasing him, because he escaped into the mountain on the north side of the fjord. The door is clearly visible up in the mountain side; and it is still standing ajar. Behind Stallo´s door is Stallo´s hunting fortress hidden and there he has collected treasures of various kinds.

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