The legends of gufihtar in Bergeby

This legend is told by Henrik Henriksen from the village Buorresárku/Bergeby, in 1893: Above our farm in the outskirts of a moor there is mound called the GufihtarGufihtar is according to Sami superstition a people resembling humans, that live underground mound, Gufihtarčohkka in Sami, and old people say that gufihtar used to live there. Once, a girl came there to pick berries. An old man stepped out and asked her to come inside. The girl was reluctant to go inside, but the old man begged her till she gave in and they entered. They offered the girl something to eat, but she did not want anything. They asked her again and again, but she refused, having heard from old people that if you ate something that the gufihtar offered, you could never leave again. Then they wanted her to go to bed and lie down, the old one had a beautiful son they offered her as bed mate. But the girl said no. Then they tried to force her to go to bed, but the girl stood fast, and when she saw that they were trying to force her to stay, she began to cry and pray to God. This scared the gufihtar and they led her out of the mound. Near Bergeby there is a mound called Gufihtarčohkka, which is probably the mound Henrik told about.

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